Our Mission

The WakeUp Project is a 501-c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation formed to provide charitable services and organized events for individuals and communities with special needs, those suffering or in need, and youth subjected bullying. Our mission serves to advance self sustaibile education and resources assisting in mental, emotional, and physical support to sustain these individuals and communities by implementing our services designed specifically for our purpose. These services include: Habitat Awake; Ground School; Eating for a Change; Environment Awake; The Ripley Effect; Your Passion IS Your Purpose; Passion in Action; Heart Guiding Arts Canvas of Love; Be You; Music Matters; WakeUp Stories and Blogs; Walk to WakeUp; as well as WakeUp Wide, a training course for those who seek to serve within our programs.

In addition, we are called to inform and make aware to those in need of other programs, practitioners, and organizations who are aligned with our mission that we believe to be beneficial in assisting mental, emotional, physical, and environmental support to these individuals and communities; collectively casting a broader net of connection.
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Our Story

The Founder of The WakeUp Project, Abigail Risica, Zen practitioner, Qoya Teacher, and a single mother of 5 children, personally understands the difficulty and pain derived from extreme circumstance. After experiencing trauma as a youth, a lost adolescence, a multitude of suffering within her adult life, and within her children’s lives enduring domestic violence, an absent father, food, shelter, and financial hardship, as well as a child suffering with severe depression, a child with severe autism, and a child severely bullied, combined with a world of judgment Abigail dove deeper within her personal healing journey and healing practices. With this intention she had a vision to help the world wake up to their own healing within.
She found in her own extreme experiences held the key and knowledge to create the practices and services needed to promote this healing. This key was within the experience; the relationship connecting the dots to further understanding, an understanding of Why.
Therefore the realization in the experience of a world filled with suffering was due to a conditioned cycle allowing the direct circumstances to occur. In this understanding gave insight into the struggles people in need endure was caused by a bigger picture. She realized the healing work we do for ourselves is the change we need for the world to awaken within, therefore without, and inspired the passion to create this as solution. Hence The WakeUp Project was born.

Our Charitable Purpose

The WakeUp Project serves to assist all ages who suffer. This can fall onto any scale or category as pain from its condition is within the container and it’s weight is felt by it’s subject in every form. We aim to amplify those who’s voices have been suppressed, support those who have suffered from social and environmental injustices, and provide resources and education for a sustainable future. 

We believe that all people who suffer deserve access to what life has to offer and to understand that behind every complication lies a truth to be aware of and educated in. A truth that can help direct them to live within their fullest passion and potential, creating a self sustainable platform for a thriving community as a whole.

We are passionate to break down borders surrounding the heart and to awaken the mind to see further into how we can empower ourselves and each other in the knowledge of true education.


About Our Founder

Abigail Risica

Abigail Risica,  zen practitioner, director for the nonprofit organization Joshu Zen Temple, Inc., and co-owner of OM hOMe wellness center, believes that we are all on a journey of the realization of the interconnectedness in all as one and within our unique experiences of this journey, guides us to this as truth.

Abigail Risica teaches zen practice, as well as unconventional meditation techniques for beginners and beyond to presently meet the needs of their practice. She is an artist, writer, and guide, working within the arts to promote higher consciousness, self awareness, self expression, and visual medicine, as well as a facilitator of sound healing meditation and meditative movement.

She is a certified Qoya teacher. Qoya is a profound meditative practice using movement as medicine. In addition to her zen practice, Qoya has also laid a foundation for her journey of self realization. She found Qoya was aligned to her core understanding of unconditional being, providing a deep connection of healing within.  She became a Qoya teacher to hold space for others to experience the same profound healing and self realization.

Abigail has created practices of her own within the devotion to her self healing mission and combined her knowledge of zen practice and movement, the arts, and holistic living, implementing them as WakeUp Steps to Wellness, which lead her to encompass these practices and programs for The WakeUp Project.

Of all her accomplishments, being a mother of 5 children is her greatest. For 19 years they have been her biggest teacher. They have given her the strength, courage, and enlightenment in how precious life is and how to carry on, overcoming great obstecles no matter the circumstance. Together they have achieved great heights in the struggles of life, in turn, they have used these experiences as a beautiful tool to continue to grow wider, learn broader , and love deeper, connecting to their wholeness as individuals and within the collective of humanity.

She is currently writing her autobiography, as she feels that sharing her life experiences is key in understanding the heart behind and for The WakeUp Project.

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