The Conditioning Disease

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A Global Warning

What if there were no disease? A place where no pollution took place. A land in perfect balance, untouched by greed. Can you imagine it? A world without being consumed by sickness? Let’s try this. Close your eyes and imagine no child suffering from of lack of food, water, or neglect. Earth gives us all we need, this shouldn’t be an issue. How did this happen?

The 3 E’s

Suffering occurs naturally, this is true, but an unnecessary amount of affliction stemmed from an imbalanced earth is causing great disruption to the cycle of life, hence the cycle within our health and humanity. If we look within what I call The 3 E’s: ecosystem, economics, and ethics, we may gain deeper insight and understanding to the connection of conditioning and disease, as we take a walk in the footprints of time.

We began taking from ourselves the moment we naively took from the earth. Little by little, with each uprooted reason, whether it had been for food, shelter, travel, pleasure, or gain, we simultaneously created disease as more and more was taken. And not just environmentally, but physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. I believe this was the beginning of where we lost our ethical grounding, therefore value for the placement of each element, each tree, each animal, as we used them as resources.

Currently, the world is at a all time high of destruction. In the height of climate change, there is no coincidence in the vast amount of wars and suffering caused by greed. It doesn’t take much effort as we can take a look at these facts in many avenues, via media, science, as well as in the well being within our own health and communities. Where you’ll find the highest rates of bloodshed, disease, and famine, you can also find a connection of greed in the highest and most present in the hearts of man from the desire of taking from the earth to gain a profit. However in remote untouched locations around the world there is no disease, no viruses, no wars, and no unnecessary suffering.

A Cycle of Destruction

If we look at history we can learn that every ‘great’ empire fell due to insatiable greed. We are killing ourselves because we are continuing this vicious cycle. For example, the land we call America once existed in a perfect balance. The people who were a part of this land, honored it, using only what was given with a heart and mind not to take more from it. They knew the precious elements that are in the ground are there for a reason, each animal inhabiting their home, sustaining life; each plant, each tree, and every flower in it’s proper placement, a perfect balance for a perfect paradise.

These wise first peoples held much reverence for the harmony of the earth. Respecting it as a part of themselves, as a way of their culture, and rooted deep in their sacred education. The elders used herbal remedies as medicines and taught their young all they knew in the reverence for each other and all of life. They did not suffer from disease. 

Estimates range from about 8 million to 112 million indigenous people inhabited the land at the time of the European arrival in 1492. In any case, the indigenous population declined to less than six million by 1650. This arrival brought destruction, not only of the beautiful way of life lived then and in the future as we know it now, but also destroyed by measles, smallpox, cholera, yellow fever, and many more devastating diseases. The diseases brought to the indigenous, were previously created from uprooting a life sustaining ratio, suppressing a system consisting in equal measure of health and it’s direct relationship to it’s environment, thus, breeding an imbalance, thriving in unsanitary conditions, and inhabiting a comprised host.

Unfortunately, in this invasion the widespread death of disease was only the beginning of what would then turn into a conquest of domination. This was a cycle conditioned in a long line of history repeating itself. The cycle imbedded to trespass and conquer succeeding once again into new era of a wasteland and the end of sacred integrity, turning trees into paper, paper into money, waterways into oil, oil into CO2 emissions, herbal medicines into pharmaceutical drugs, and minds into a rapacity of materialism.

These bloodlines run deep in our own veins, both in the conditioned greed causing a breakdown of a sacrosanct civilization and in the loss of connection for the reverence of the earth. Perhaps we lost ourselves in this circle of insanity and as we continue working for another mans greed, so does our purpose. Deep within our truest heart, we know that we are hurting and not only the earth, but our own selves and our own generations to come. Why continue?

Let’s dive deeper into how we got to this point.

When the European takeover succeeded so did their diet, which mostly consisted of animal and animal by products and since has  been the main ingredient in the American diet. It was previosly believed that the fossil fuel addiction contributes to the highest form of greenhouse gases, but studies have turned our attention.

A Silent Culprit

Animal agriculture is the number one cause of green house gas emissions out of all agriculture farming together and surpasses fossil fuel alone and here is why.

As this mass production of ‘food’ is the number one culprit of human-made methane emissions causing green house gas, the mass consumption of animals causes a continuous demand to produce more due to a fast increasing population, therefore a continuous rise in GHG emissions. However, animal agriculture is not only emitting vast amounts of methane, but simultaneously, in animal agriculture consisting of the mass crops it takes to feed the animals, the mass manufacturing of plastic packaging, the fuel it takes to farm and ship these animal products, the nitrogen and phosphorus runoffs polluting our oceans, and animal agriculture deforestation suffocating the lungs of the earth, greatly amplifies the continual taking from the earth and replaces it with a poisonous equation. It’s like having an unnecessary lung transplant, then never receiving a lung to replace it. The lungs of the earth are failing because we are removing them from the earth.

All in all, animal agriculture produces more damage than just carbon terror, it compromises the sustainability of life within our natural ecosystem, abolishing biodiversity, in turn, directly comprising our sustainability of living as a whole.

Here is an interesting fact. American diet, beef consumption alone creates 1,984 pounds of CO2e annually. Replacing beef with plants would reduce that figure 96 percent, bringing it down to just 73 pounds of CO2e. This is an eye opener.

In addition, the mass consumption of animal products produces an imbalanced diet, causing elevated LDL cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, obesity, strokes, heart disease, and linked to diabetes and cancer. This breeds the need for prescription drugs, which is formula that further suppresses health and wellness in general.

As the awareness of these serious effects of animal agriculture and animal consumption grows, so are the reasons why so many are turning to a vegan lifestyle, becoming organic consumers, and creating their own produce in the comfort of their own frontyard and community gardens. This makes sense as the indigenous diet consisted mostly of corn, beans, squash, berries, greens, wild rice, fruits, nuts, and seeds that provided complete and balanced nutrition; without disrupting the balance of life.

Consumer Contribution

Imagine the many ways we extract carbon from the ground, including natural gas wells, oil wells, coal mines, and fracking. They then are being burnt in many ways and admitting exhaust in many ways and entering the atmosphere in many ways, but what else is happening?

As resources become depleted domestically, the demand to obtain more without conscious regard has become of great concern in global fossil fuel undertaking. In saying that, I look forward to the revolution of solar powered vehicles and sustainable bio-resources in being a savior to those subjected to war over this oil just because they inhabit in the location in which it is plentiful.

Concurrently, an average of 22 American Veterans commit suicide each day. That is higher then the average deaths of American soldiers serving in action each day in Afghanistan and Iraq. Alongside these tragedies, a vast majority of the surviving American Veterans suffer from PTSD and other mental health ramifications; both attributing to a larger existential web of suffering to those indirectly involved, their families.

Breaking down the earth is the connection to the breakdown of humanity. A numbness and lack of awareness in a consumer contribution. We have been taught that this is the way of life. Educated or should I say, uneducated in this great story. We have been conditioned to blindly condone and continue a toxic production as a consumer, fueling and filling the pockets of a bigger picture.

Moreover, there is more harm done when we take from the earth and in whatever the reasons we are taking it for. Has this been what we have become accustomed to? To allow the continuous succession of a wasteland? Do we accept the suffering it ensues? Perhaps we can ask ourselves, is this complication truth.

Digging Deeper

There is an underlying rooted complication and it is covered by conditioning. What I mean by conditioning is we have been told, taught, influenced, ingrained, and indoctrinated to believe and except these complications as truth. This story has been flipped because the simple truth is, truth is not complicated. It is where there is an absence of truth, complication ‘lies’.

Why are we not digging deeper where the complication is rooted to reveal its ugly head? Maybe we are too busy in our own world of suffering caused by this system breakdown to notice that earth, therefore humanity, is not operating how it’s intended. Perhaps there is a connection to health, relationships, and conditioning.

As the earth has been tainted, manipulated, and disrupted by a force of greed, out from it births the way we behave to each other. It has removed a branch of knowledge, the code in which gives something value. We call it ethics, but this code is unnamable as it is the operation of life itself. A tree is not told how to grow but holds space for one another in relation to the earth and sun. We must learn what the trees know. That when everything is contingent upon a proportioned equation, removing a single component in which it stands, changes the outcome and becomes cataclysmic.

Therefore, in this removal of ethical boundary, promotes a condition of social decay, directly effecting how society operates into the trespassing of one another. Resulting in sexual assault, domestic violence, criminal undertaking, child abuse and neglect, and world hunger; all spilling over into the minds of yet another. Consequently, we then believe the need to protect ourselves and do this by closing off, building walls that guard our hearts and bodies, further convoluting our minds and emotions. We may see these complications present within our own relationships and wider circles within society. And so, you have the never ending debate to figure out how to solve these consequential issues, only to be left with no resolute.

Breaking Down the Branches

Where does education play into all of this? Maybe the vital question we should be asking ourself is, what can we become aware of, like the trees, as they grow in truth without complication. To know this truth, would be knowing that we can change the script in this big picture if we simply go back to revering the infrastructure of earth, it’s inhabitants, each other, as well as using the many healing properties it provides and self sustainable biomaterials, as the indigenous peoples had done in passing down this sacred education to their family tribes and to their young. In which leads us into the final piece that presents itself in this breakdown, our youth. The breakdown of family connection.

We can witness the decline of family connection within these cycles of obstructing our physical, emotional, and mental well being, through past and present war torn separation and depression; in divorce, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccine injury, malnutrition, uneducated diet, as well as todays social perceptions through media promoting a higher form a material greed and complication; causing an absence of truth, distorting our true essence, inhibiting our expression, and our core family values. Our children are suffering. It directly has comprised their connection to themselves. They are not being heard. They are not being taught to express themselves because we are not expressing ourselves and not allowing ourselves to feel.

This deafening of the truth, displays itself within the hinderence of our youth, as an alarming rise of children with special needs, drug addiction, street living, eating disorders, uneducated sexual activity, bullying, self mutilation, suicide, and school shootings is rapidly increasing. But this is an effect from the cause of an underlying rooted issue, the domino effect of a conditioned earth; therefore ourselves, resulting in the loss of Sacred family education. It then becomes a growing cycle within its self from generation to generation.

A WakeUp Call

Although, in this deafness of a sleeping world we are beginning to hear the voice of our youth Speak out. They are waking to these conditions; uncomfortable to what has been taken, what has been broken, and what has been silenced. They have eyes to see and are asking those with hearts to hear, to receive their cry for help. All we have to do is listen.


We, as inhabitants of earth, are apart of its delicate system, and as apart of it, we, coexists with every particle, every element, every drop of water, every plant, every animal, every insect, down to every microorganism. We dwell amongst an intricate design woven in a ratio of perfection. This design can exist without us, however, we cannot without it. We must learn in this coexistence, the difference as humans is we have a mind to want more. This mindset is where we lose understanding of this design and unravel ethics in which sustains us as global residents. We have what we need, we always have, but somewhere in losing our regard in conscious reverence for the ecosystem, we found an economic gain in the taking from it, and business is good, but tipping the scales does not come without a price.

The presence of earth does not lie and all will and has revealed its self through the rapid rate of melting ice caps, abnormal weather patterns, ‘wild’ fires, toxic landlines, a dying ocean and a dying sky. Globally, we are an astounding 1 degree away from carbon catastrophe. If this does not wake up the masses, I don’t know what will.

True Education

Please consider the following breakdown with me in how directly taking from the earth has taken from life itself.

In the loss of the true education of integrity and of the ethical code of the interconnectedness of life, grows the intentions of desiring more. This desire disrupts the delicate ecosystem in which the earth has provided through the elements, plant life, animal life, and atmosphere. It then removes it’s sustainability, creating an imbalanced earth. An imbalanced earth creates an imbalance within our bodies. An imbalance within our bodies creates congested bodily function and suppresses the immune system. A suppressed immune system combined with and imbalanced earth creates disease and virus takeover. Pharmaceutical drugs and toxic vaccines are then created, in which suppresses us further in our physical, mental, and emotional ‘illnesses’, creating a greater imbalance and more profit for those directly in control of this cycle; while inhibiting the pursuit to learn of the root issues of disease, thus furthering negligence of health, heart, mind, body, environment, consequentially furthering conditioning as truth. All in which has manifested a loss of connection within ourselves, our families, and children. Therefore our youth are taught to suppress their true innate expression, fanning a flame of a generational pandemic, continuing this cycle of contagious conditioning.

Are we to blame naivety any longer? We know that we are destroying the earth. We know that there is great global suffering caused by unethical gain. So how is it that the taking hasn’t stopped? How can we individually and collectively allow this suffering to continue when the cause and the answer is in the hands of humanity itself?

There is power in education. All we may need is an opportunity to learn that we have the ability to create change within our daily lives and as we become aware and awake in the wealth of knowledge in how becoming a sustaining people restores and prevents further damage mentally, emotionally, physically, and environmentally, we can be the change we need simply by applying this knowledge into action.

True education of the ethical code of life, is of the utmost importance to unveil the roots of the system breakdown, ending the ignorance of these cycles; no longer dancing around it with justification, thus, not turning a blind eye in which all life is created in perfect order, in turn, permitting our eyes to see, allowing us to follow truth back to the quintessential blueprint and replant the original foundation again.

All disease stems from an underlying rooted condition. Therefore, all disease is the disease of conditioning itself. Hence ‘The Conditioning Disease’.

~Abigail Risica

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