WakeUp to clarity. truth. love. 

Sometimes In Our Deepest Slumber comes the most wakeful moment. A call back to life itself into the great heart of truth and its compassion.

The WakeUp Project is based on a foundation that calls upon the restoration of humanity though true education, sustainability, and community works, creating a platform of awareness that transforms suffering into empowerment. 

Phase 1


Individual Change

Phase 2


Once we see, we do

Phase 3

Go Beyond

You have arrived!

You can look at these 3 phases like a tree

Phase 1, BE, is getting to the root of who you are. Like the roots of a tree, we only grow as large as our foundation. Sometimes our awareness of who we are is so buried, that we can’t seem to see the direction in which way to grow. Our phase 1 programs shed the light needed to excavate complications that are created if these roots are undernourished, as if they are left unattended or out of balance they simply can not grow. These programs allow you to see into your true self and intended purpose and provide sturdy ground to sustain who it is you are. They empower the fundamental essence of our being for individual direction of life and continual growth.

In this awakening process, once you see your self growing into your true essence you begin seeing all around you. You begin to see yourself connected in something bigger. A tree is not told how to grow, but holds space for one another in relation to the earth and sun. We must learn what the trees know. That when everything is contingent upon a proportioned equation, removing a single component in which it stands, changes the outcome and becomes cataclysmic.  

As humans, learning the importance to hold space like the trees do, is to become aware that the current condition of a hurting planet is the direct result of the lack of balance holding this space within ourselves, each other, and collectively in relation to our environment. However, without sustaining ourselves at our foundation first, no matter what we try to build, it will collapse without conscious regard. That is why we must see our roles as to function within the balance of holding this space first. It is essential to sustain ourselves in rooted knowledge as empowerment in order to support growing change and for it to continue to flourish and operate as intended. Phase 2, Build, is the threshold of this sustainability in action within our programs.

As we have awakened into empowered change and have built that change into empowered action within our awakened walk, Phase 3, Go Beyond, is moving into empowering without. It is symbolizing all connected as one unit, as one tree, as we are all connected in this web (or tree) of life, growing as individual branches of the same tree, supporting each other higher in the unity of community works. 

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Going Beyond

WakeUp Stories

How your story Can give others hope

Creator of WakeUp Project explains why you too should share your story.

* We decided to share video despite audio interference to keep it real and authentic.

From Prison To Paradise: On My Way

My WakeUp Story by Greg Newman Sleeping consciously, is so much easier than living awake. Problem is, once you’re woke, it’s impossible to go back to sleep. To be woke is to be aware and to look past the surface and recognize the truth. Once the truth is recognized, or at least the fact that lies to manipulate and control are abundant is understood, one cannot simply live the same,

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My Pain Has A Purpose

My WakeUp Story By Anya Prittie Every story starts with a beginning. As it progresses, chapters just continue to get added. My beginning was kind of tough. Throughout my life I learned many lessons. Many broke me and changed my perspective in my mind and heart. The pain would and continued to help me grow into the lady I am now. Forever changing me in ways that I’ve finally noticed.

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